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Sunday, 18 April 2010


Dash snow was an unbelievably strong influence in my life (I was one of the unfortuanate ones that didn't know about him until after his death). When i explain this to people they often say ''well if you look past the heroin addiction'' but they couldn't be more wrong. Of course im not saying heroin is right but it was a major role in his art and to overlook it would be like deleting half his work. He was born into one of the most impressive families in america, his parents and grandparents all wealthy. His great grandparents were famous french aristocrats who were heirs to fortunes in the form of art work. His mother sent him to a bording school at an early age even after his strong protest. Instead of supporting then son it what he wanted his parents tried to ''tame'' him. He grew what can only be described as a hatred for his mother and ran away at the age of 13 and began living on the streets. He began taking photographs at a simlar time because they were a ''record of places he might not remember the next day'' .

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