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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Huh? Moi

Make up a caption about this person of whom i've never met,and a photo i never took.

''She didn't give a fuck about anything or anyone ,She was her own women. However when the chance came to show her body along side her attitude,well, she was hardly going to say no.''

Any other ideas?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Favourite Four

Four of my favourite pictures i've taken recently

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I am the grandson of a sailor

Anchor sketch.

''They threw a rope around yer neck
To watch you dance the jig of death
Then left ya for the starvin' crows
Hoverin' like hungry whores
One flew down plucked out yer eye
The other he had in his sights
Ya snarled at him, said leave me be
I need the bugger so I can see''

Salty Dog

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Hey girl take this gun,why don't you stick it to my head and have some fun.
Paint the walls red,break my head.
Then act like you don't know im dead.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Huh? Moi

Ok so i''ve decided to have a feature for my blog. Every week (probably a sunday) i will find a picture of someone,anyone. Then write a caption about the photo,with a nickname for the person featured.

''The Chief, Once a respected and honourable man in his tribe. But after the death of his wife he became a recluse,unknown by the youth of the tribe and forgotten by the elders. Not that it bothered him,he didn't notice .He didn't care.''

So that was mine,took about 1 minute. Any one else got a caption?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Paint a train

Sneaking through the tunnels,broke in through the rusty gate up town. Walking together yet we arent speaking,we are to caught up in the moment,the adrenaline. The sound of a rat scurrying over the now quiet tracks. It's enough to halt us both. But there's a light at the end,not a light of hope or life but of a blank canvas.Run. And there they are,3 trains sleeping next to one another,No one else around. We hurry now since the drivers will be back at 4.00 am . Unzip the bag,overflows with cans and caps. Qucik,grab,crack,press,spray,feel.

'Two travel cards'
Waiting,all day spent on that train. Then it flashes by,our now compplete canvas. We arent the only ones looking but we are the only ones that saw it happen. The paint unfold on to the train,and i don't care what any one says, Seeing your work like that is beautiful.

Short story,Murray Gray.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Skate?Skate Pool

In the 1970's in Venice, California keen surfers reailsed that since the tide,waves and wind were not always 'ideal'. So what to do?give up on your passion,your art?no. Its hard to believe that it was teenagers in the 70's who really brought life to skatboarding. If you can't surf sea waves?skate concrete waves.

By loosing the 'old school' boards trucks you can make the sharpest and smoothest of corners,so thats the board sorted. What about these waves?the smoothest,sharpest,slickest waves? how about an empty swimming pool. The locals were wealthy and pampered,yet during the summers of the 70's were suffering froma drought.So the teens worked out whilst the rich left for a hot summer holiday,their emptied pools were left empty.

The skaters left each evening to find an empty house with a 'bowl' and simply skate the night away. It was social,friends would meet and compare the tricks they'd learnt whilst drinking eating and listening to surf tracks.

Why did we have to move on?

Friday, 3 September 2010

Behind the front II

This piece is painteed on the m25 and was painted in a simple white emultion.
Now this piece was yet another i saw often on the motorway. I would glance at it for just that little longer than eveyrone else.It grabs the attention of the common commuters,a popular target. It is as if all good graffiti artists want to force a realisation on these stereotypical middle class business people.

Now i don't know whether this artist thought of this as just a funny pointless piece, or whether they actually support and promote peace. Personally i hope it is the latter,since the best pieces in my eyes are always provoked by a strong subject that touches the artist.

I guarantee that over half the people that read this piece will think about it later that day,and at least half of them will think about this war ridden world. I am no hippy but this artist ,whether he meant to or not, has done more with a £6.99 tin of plain white paint than any priminster has with millions of pounds and proffessionals supporting them.

For that reason this piece is one of my favourites,and will most likely stick in my mind till im grey and old.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wide spread panic

Countryside (First,switzerland)

Mountains (Jungfrau,switzerland)

Seaside (Hellsmouth,wales)


Picture oppurtunities far from hard to find

It's true they really do wear the bells

A bit of gothic architecture sneaking in

Even found some street art,half way up a mountain

A view worth dying for

Doesn't appreciate it