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Friday, 3 September 2010

Behind the front II

This piece is painteed on the m25 and was painted in a simple white emultion.
Now this piece was yet another i saw often on the motorway. I would glance at it for just that little longer than eveyrone else.It grabs the attention of the common commuters,a popular target. It is as if all good graffiti artists want to force a realisation on these stereotypical middle class business people.

Now i don't know whether this artist thought of this as just a funny pointless piece, or whether they actually support and promote peace. Personally i hope it is the latter,since the best pieces in my eyes are always provoked by a strong subject that touches the artist.

I guarantee that over half the people that read this piece will think about it later that day,and at least half of them will think about this war ridden world. I am no hippy but this artist ,whether he meant to or not, has done more with a £6.99 tin of plain white paint than any priminster has with millions of pounds and proffessionals supporting them.

For that reason this piece is one of my favourites,and will most likely stick in my mind till im grey and old.

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