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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Skate?Skate Pool

In the 1970's in Venice, California keen surfers reailsed that since the tide,waves and wind were not always 'ideal'. So what to do?give up on your passion,your art?no. Its hard to believe that it was teenagers in the 70's who really brought life to skatboarding. If you can't surf sea waves?skate concrete waves.

By loosing the 'old school' boards trucks you can make the sharpest and smoothest of corners,so thats the board sorted. What about these waves?the smoothest,sharpest,slickest waves? how about an empty swimming pool. The locals were wealthy and pampered,yet during the summers of the 70's were suffering froma drought.So the teens worked out whilst the rich left for a hot summer holiday,their emptied pools were left empty.

The skaters left each evening to find an empty house with a 'bowl' and simply skate the night away. It was social,friends would meet and compare the tricks they'd learnt whilst drinking eating and listening to surf tracks.

Why did we have to move on?

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